hopefully your new favorite song...basically I'm thinking about each song on here as a sort of musical (stereo) postcard that I'd want to send to all of my friends.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What type of music will this be...?

I guess I don't really know. Generally I would say eclectic. That's probably also is the best way of describing what kind of music I like. I do know I want to keep it mixed up and yet balanced. Maybe an oldie (and how broad is that category these days) this week, something newer (the past few years) next week... maybe I hear something in the middle of the week that jogs a memory of a song from college or I happen to be out somewhere and a big band song I like is on so I throw that up there as well. Nothing off limits is what I'm thinking. I probably won't do too much rap; or too much of anything for that matter. Not that Hip Hop's not great, just that not as many of my friends and family would be interested enough to listen to it. I'll prob throw a few in there though if I have a good story or think enough would like it. I also probably won't do too much country - just because I don't have that much and don't listen to it much. I guess I would kind of like to aim this at someone who listens to pop radio (or used to) but feels like there is a lot more out there that they should/could be listening to but who doesn't have the time or care to buy and listen to whole albums to get the 1 or 2 good songs off of them. Especially when they have friends who listen to tons of music and have tons of music and could probably give them some good suggestions. "Good suggestions" beings completely subjective. But then, hey, it's not like you can't give it a listen before you go out and get it (however that may be) now-a-days on the interwebs. Happy listening.

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