hopefully your new favorite song...basically I'm thinking about each song on here as a sort of musical (stereo) postcard that I'd want to send to all of my friends.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

#2 - Bernadette

Bernadette (1967)

by The Four Tops

from the album “Reach Out”

Such a good song. I think I like it as much for the fact that it was a big hit but not quite big enough that it still gets played all the time (at least here in KC). In fact, it’s one of those Motown songs that I haven’t heard a million times. That by itself makes it kind of special. I hear it every once and a while and think, I should move that onto a playlist. Heard it last week while we were watching Zodiac and then, oddly, it popped up at lunch yesterday at a restaurant. Anyway, all the key Motown ingredients are there, classic Holland-Dozier-Holland writing, kick ass Funk Brothers tunes backing it up, and the Four Tops riding over top of it. Oh, and about the Funk Brothers…if you haven’t seen the very awesome movie “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” you need to, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it. Back to the song, I love the plaintiff wail of the single “Bernadette” wailed towards the end of the song after the bit of silence…so good. Also, if you have itunes, do yourself a favor and make a genius playlist with this one. It came up w/ all sorts of great Motown & other soul stuff (I’m listening right now and “Do you Love Me” by the Contours just came on) and we’ve had some Aretha, Otis & Martha and the Vandella’s going on prior to that. Classic Motown on a Sunday morning.



bethany actually said...

Why aren't you blogging more, dude? This was such a GREAT idea for a blog! Once a week? Once a month? ;-)

(My word verification is "polize" which could be read as "puh-leeeze" which could be interpreted as teh internets adding its voice to my plea for you to blog more.)

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